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Artist Statement

The theme running throughout my body of work has long been visually-simple symbolic pictures that build rapport with others. A certain quietude may be sensed in my work and this defines the world of my personal relationships. To assist in sharing such a sensitive theme, I try to be emotionally present throughout the process of painting rather than expressing the silent world that is inside my mind through emotional outbursts.

Paint Media

With regards to media, among others, I use recently-developed water-soluble alkyd resin pigments. These have been the most frequently used medium throughout my career. These quite possibly might produce more brilliant colors than any other media. For the foundation of my painting, a score of layers are painted on canvas over and over again like weaving colored lines, making a very unique texture in which colors vary delicately depending on the intensity of the light. When this one-of-a-kind texture is created with composition of lyrical description as my signature expression, the work becomes eye-catcher that involves you in the work both instantly and intimately.


To date, my works have been exhibited at fine art galleries and covered by art magazines from time to time throughout Japan. Beyond Japan, they are on the verge of creating an impact in other parts of Asia through International Art Fairs. The next chapter of my career will be exposing my works to art lovers in Beijing, Paris, London, Los Angeles and New York – the centers of the contemporary art movement today. Ultimately, my goal for this borderless age of Internet-available discovery is that my work becomes widely known all over the world regardless of national and ethnic distinctions or cultural differences.